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Easter Prayer Service during a Global Pandemic

Loving God, even during this time of Global Crisis, we are grateful because we know that Jesus is Risen!
Help us to reconnect with the Easter Light all around us and help us remember all of those in need....

Opening Prayer

Loving God, although these are days of great trials & darkness, we give thanks for the Hope of Easter.  Help us remember that just as a small virus molecule can transmit disease around the world, Your Love can spread contagiously with each act of Loving Kindness.

"Here is Love, Vast as the Ocean..."

Loving God, we thank you for Your Love in the midst of times of great fear.  Help us to remember that throughout all of the ages of human suffering, Your Love is just as real as despair, conflict, and anxiety....

"How Great is Your Love...."

Loving God, we give thanks for all You and Your Son have done for us.  Help us to pray for others and take action to meet the needs of others 

as we are able and it is safe to do so. 

"Thank You, Oh My Father, For Giving Us Your Son..."

Loving God, we give thanks that through You, the Cross was turned from a symbol of Domination 

into a symbol of Great Love.  Help us to give of ourselves, as Your Son gave himself for us that our world may be so transformed....

"You're My Life When Life is Gone..."

Loving God, we give thanks for the lives of those whom we mourn.  Help us remember that when its all been said and done, only what we've done for You and Your little ones will matter....

"Waking or Sleeping, 

Your Presence My Light"

Loving God, we give thanks for a new Vision for our lives and this opportunity to live differently.  

We pray that You will be our Source of Wisdom as we learn unfamiliar ways to live together in this world that we share.

Closing Prayer

Loving God, we give thanks for the renewed fire lit within us with the glory of the Easter Season. We ask that you fill us with renewed strength and energy to heal the sick and feed the hungry as we seek to live the Mission of Your Son in troubled times.  Amen. 

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